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Price Perception: How to Win Customers and Influence Perception


Defining your current price perception and developing a strategy for improvement 

In retail, customer perception is reality. So when it comes to your pricing, do consumers see what you want them to see?

Establishing a strong price perception in the market helps retailers influence consumer buying behavior and build a firm competitive position.

Our definitive guide to enhancing your price perception starts with laying the right groundwork and moves through the process for establishing essential pricing strategies to build and improve perception.

What you'll find inside:

  • A stronger approach to pricing accordingly for your brand
  • Key strategy pieces to influence perception
  • Important considerations for shaping your strategies
  • How to unlock dynamic pricing for agile decision making

About the Author

Matthew Pavich, Revionics Director of Global Strategic Consulting has over 20 years of retail pricing experience at top brands like Target.

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