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Retail’s attitude towards AI pricing post-pandemic

Pricing thought leaders weigh in on new momentum

Before COVID-19, AI-driven price optimization was largely seen as a solution only for the major players. But since the pandemic flipped the retail world upside down, attitudes towards AI pricing have flipped around as well. 

Our pricing experts spent the last year walking alongside our customers through one of the toughest challenges retail has faced in the last several decades. In this interactive iPaper, they share first-hand insights into how the ups and downs of the pandemic affected the industry’s views on AI pricing.

Inside You’ll Find: 

  • Insights from our team of retail pricing experts 
  • The evolution of pricing throughout the stages of COVID-19 
  • How the AI landscape has shifted in the pandemic 
  • Three key takeaways for the future of AI pricing in retail 

And more! 

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