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The Pricing Fluent Leader: Driving Transformation in your Pricing Organization

How to lead a forward-looking pricing organization with Pricing Fluency 

Taking your pricing organization from an operational function to a strategic profit center requires strong direction and governance. To build pricing fluency in your team, you must be a pricing fluent leader yourself. But what does a pricing fluent leader look like? 

Inside this eBook you will find the path to developing pricing fluency and the key characteristics of a pricing fluent leader, including: 

  • Strategic thinker 
  • Curious and analytical 
  • Agent of change 
  • Builder and teacher 

By enhancing these skills, you too can become a pricing fluent leader and guide your organization to higher value generation with a stronger pricing strategy. 

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About the Author 

Matthew Pavich, Revionics Director of Global Strategic Consulting, has over 20 years of retail pricing experience at top brands like Target. 

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