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Using Analytics to Supercharge Your Pricing Strategy

How real retailers drive stronger pricing results with data

Gaining a competitive advantage in this new age of retail calls for leveraging data as a strategic asset.

How can pricing teams unlock the power of data to help their organisations survive? Learn the key things retailers should consider to take full advantage of data analytics, including:

  • Using price elasticity to understand consumer behaviour and expectations
  • Creating item level pricing roles based on the incremental lift from historical price changes
  • Managing a balanced portfolio of pricing strategies across your product assortment

Register to watch leading global retailers discuss how they leverage analytics to be pricing leaders in their market.


About the Speakers

Eric Boen, Vice President of Planning, Allocation and Replenishment, Army Air Force Exchange Services

Jennifer de Veer, Strategic Pricing Manager, Army Air Force Exchange Services

Brandon Jackson, Senior Advisor, Global Strategic Consulting, Revionics