A conversation with Pilot Company and TBC Corporation on how to adapt to market disruption 

Balancing customer needs and business objectives is a delicate dance, particularly in times of major disruption. Hear from two leading retailers as we discuss growing customer trust, staying competitive and maximising profit in the face of unknowns and uncertainties resulting from the pandemic.  

In this session, we explore: 

  • Shifting consumer trends and preferences 
  • Price differentiation 
  • Price perception and price gouging 
  • Competitive shopping amidst store capacity limitations 
  • Superior execution and operational pricing processes 


About the Speakers

Danielle Neath, Retail Marketing and Merchandising Manager at TBC Corporation, one of America’s largest tire and auto retailers

Kellie Cardwell, Strategic Pricing Manager at Pilot Company, operator of more than 600 convenience stores and travel centres across the US and Canada

Edward Kuehnle, Customer Success Director at Revionics

David Chaudey, Customer Success Director, EMEA at Revionics 

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