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Predictive. Prescriptive. Profitable Retailing.

We help retailers around the world gain that competitive edge by managing and optimizing their pricing, promotions, markdowns and space. Created by retail experts, our cloud-based SaaS solutions deliver amazing year-over-year ROI with attractive total cost of ownership using machine learning science that really works.

Winning and Earning Customer Loyalty

How Can You Compete?

When 93% of consumers use a digital device to browse and research, 90% of shoppers leave a store to buy elsewhere because of price, and nearly 70% of promotions fail.

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Featured Customer Success Stories

Any vertical, any channel – anywhere

Farmacorp Case Study

"We not only met but exceeded our profit target, achieving 108% of profit plan."

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Delhaize Case Study

"We're now implementing more shopper-centric pricing along with enforcing our rules and allowing our pricing strategies to come fully alive at the shelf."

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Holiday Stationstore Case Study

"We have results that exceed our cost of the system by a multiple factor."

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