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Revionics Customers Recognized for Innovation with Price Optimization 

Last week we announced the new 2020 Revionics Elevate Award winners at our annual retail pricing conference, Insight. Each year the Elevate Award is granted to the Revionics customers who have exhibited the most innovative use of Revionics solutions to produce outstanding results for their organizations. 

With all the challenges that 2020 brought, the competition for the Elevate Awards was higher than ever. So many of our retailers heavily relied on and leveraged Revionics’ analytics, solutions and teams to see through the uncertainties in the marketplace. 

So, this year we are extra excited to congratulate our Revionics Elevate Award winners: Douglas, Love’s and Leroy Merlin! 


Douglas is one of the leading premium beauty retailers with around 2400 branches and the number one online premium beauty shop in Europe. Douglas is being recognized as a Revionics Insight 2020 Elevate Award Winner for their ingenuity in reshaping their business and pricing approach to adapt for COVID-19. 

With Revionics, Douglas Germany has achieved science-based pricing with transparency, as well as revenue and profit growth. They have also reduced manual processes and grown the pricing team. Douglas started with pricing optimization in Germany, where they are already generating more value, and plan to roll out Revionics in Poland and Italy soon as well. 

“The Revionics engine has truly enriched our pricing methodology by adding elasticity-based pricing to our dynamic pricing algorithm.” – Konstanze Gallinatus, EVP PMO & Pricing, Douglas


Love’s is a proven leader in the travel stop and services industry, operating more than 510 locations in 41 US states. Revionics is recognizing Love’s as a 2020 Elevate Award winner for their use of the Revionics Price and Promotion optimization solutions to enhance processes and achieve outstanding results. 

Love’s has improved margins and sales trends, forecasting abilities, and pricing processes, as well as strengthened promotional strategy execution and efficiency. The pricing team at Love’s is equipped with the right tools to improve planning and decision making using Revionics analytics to measure and forecast.  

Leroy Merlin 

Leroy Merlin is the largest home improvement retailer in Brazil, operating 42 stores. Leroy Merlin is being recognized for the Revionics Elevate Award for their fast adoption and strategic usage of the Revionics Price optimization solution. 

Despite challenges, Leroy Merlin had one of the fastest and most efficient implementations of the Revionics solution, going from excel to optimization in just 5 months. Price optimization has provided Leroy Merlin with a stronger competitive price image, more localized pricing, and the flexibility to implement changes quickly.  

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