Revionics Global Events Director shares the process behind our decision to take Insight 2020 Digital.

In case you’ve lost track of what day, month, year it is – it’s June 2020. COVID-19 – the game-changer that has been our life for the past 4 months, that has sent us all working remotely, wearing masks wherever we go to protect ourselves and our fellow man/woman – has also created new, creative dynamics for how we live, work and learn. In the events world especially, things have turned upside down. 
Let me begin this blog with my story.

Eight days into the new year, I started at Revionics as the Global Events Director. I was so excited to start a new career here and get back to my roots in planning events after leading event teams and consulting corporate clients as part of a large experiential agency. I went from managing a large team to being part of a small and extremely talented marketing team. I could build and own something. The stress of the previous years melted away and I didn’t need as much wine to get through any given day or week. I had new clarity with my new mission.

One of my first tasks was to dig in and grab the reins of our successful customer forum, Insight. The event is well known among our customers and my Revionics colleagues as a time for learning, sharing, and having a great time. It’s been a highlight of the year for many years. Little voices in my head (yes, I have them and so do you), said “don’t (insert inappropriate word) this up!” I set about meeting vendors, venues, and coming up with a project plan. 

Fast forward to the middle of March. We’re working to develop content. But new, unexpected things are happening in our world. We’re sent to work from home, restaurants are shutting down, hotels are empty, and flights are cancelled. No one is going ANYWHERE, literally! Our event isn’t until October so we just keep marching forward. How long could this last? Wine begins to make a comeback into my life.

Then comes mid-April and the impact of how our world has changed is in full view. 2020 is a year unlike any other and we need to accept that and adapt to those changes. So, with a great deal of disappointment, we concluded that the best thing we could do for our customers and our employees is to hop on the digital highway and create the first Insight Digital Experience.  

Remember that mission and clarity I had when I started in January? Amplify that by 1000 and it’s how I feel about working with our customers and Revionics colleagues to create the digital version of Insight! Building a digital event from the ground up means selecting a platform and content that offers the opportunity to connect and share, just like you would with a physical event.

But technology can’t do it alone. There still needs to be the human connection that we all love about events. That ability to collaborate and learn is the cornerstone to any event. And as I’m learning, you can do it digitally as well, unfortunately without the conversations over coffee and muffins.

What we hoped would be a gathering in Miami is now a collective gathering on the web scheduled for October 6th and 7th. We’re planning 2 half-day events that will bring together the same level of expertise, networking, and fun that you’ve come to expect from Revionics. Right now we’re working to build content that helps you manage pricing, promotions and markdowns, so keep an eye out for our agenda coming in the next couple of weeks!

Join us on October 7th for the Insight Digital Experience. Our Insight website will start filling up with details as we lock them in, so check back often. I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you at the Insight Digital Experience!  

About the author

Sandi joined Revionics in January of 2020. Her career in marketing and events spans over 30 years and includes management of events for the technology industry and experiential agencies. She’s original Austin weird and proud of it.