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IDC Recognizes Revionics’ Commitment to Client Partnerships

New IDC report highlights Revionics’ strengths in customer satisfaction and industry expertise

Revionics was ranked among the leaders by IDC in the recently released 2023 MarketScape assessment for worldwide retail price optimization solutions. In the report, IDC highlights several strengths of Revionics, including explainability, built for scale, and industry and pricing expertise.

While we are extremely proud to be recognized for our product capabilities and strategic direction, it is especially rewarding to be recognized for one strength in particular: customer satisfaction.

According to the report, “Customers express a very high degree of satisfaction, both with Revionics' solution and with the customer service processes. In addition, they are highly likely to recommend the company to colleagues. Customers have also suggested that data engineers from the Revionics team are irreplaceable over time.”

At Revionics, customer satisfaction is one of our core values. We strive not only to help our retailers get the most out of the Revionics platform, but also to provide support for the entire lifecycle price optimization journey.

“Retailers ultimately want clarity and confidence across their pricing journey,” said Revionics Sr. Director of Retail Innovation, Matt Pavich. “With Revionics, they are confident they are making the right decisions and that the AI is driving strong results in a fair and ethical way for their customers.”

Ongoing innovation is a key component of keeping that commitment to guide our retailers, especially after the past few years of accelerated change and rapidly evolving consumer behaviors. Gathering input from our customers and working with them to truly understand their objectives, pain points and challenges helps ensure we are always building for their needs.

As Revionics GM Scott Zucker states, “It’s important that we strategically partner with our retailers to drive continuous improvements that generate real value. As we continue to make forward strides with our science and platform, the needs of our retailers and experience of our users must remain a top priority.”

A priority that is recognized by both our customers and IDC. As written in the report, “Revionics has focused in recent years on responsiveness to customers. Customers appreciate the long-lasting teams, with contact tenures lasting over a decade or more in certain cases. The team incorporates customer feedback well and, more importantly, acts on this feedback through investments that adapt to the needs of customers.”

A critical factor in our ability to deliver on customer satisfaction comes down to another strength highlighted by IDC — namely the depth of industry and pricing expertise on the Revionics team. IDC’s assessment states, “Revionics boasts a singular focus on the retail industry despite its large global footprint. The company builds substantial credibility for its industry expertise from its customers with its retail expertise as a unique advantage among vendors.”

Through Revionics’ support strategists, customers have access to the collective wisdom gained from over two decades spent helping retailers optimize pricing in a variety of markets, verticals and regions. And that knowledge goes beyond just how to use the Revionics system.

When speaking to the expertise of his team, Revionics VP of Customer Success, JJ Thorne, said, “Our customer success teams have decades of combined experience, not just at Revionics, but working in retail as well. Having that kind of knowledge on our team provides a level of consultancy that our customers really appreciate.”

As Pavich puts it, “Having deep expertise in retail enables our team to provide insights into best practices and provide the necessary strategic guidance for our retail partners as they transform themselves during their pricing journey.”

Serving as a guide for the price optimization journey requires more than just industry knowledge, however. It also necessitates a deep understanding of the client’s pricing organization. “Our Success and Support Managers live and breathe each customer,” said Thorne. “We have a unique multilevel structure that provides customers with comprehensive support and enables true pricing success.”

In this multilevel structure, the Success Directors are there at the strategic level to look at business objectives and priorities as well as what insights can be pulled from the forecast data and performance metrics. Meanwhile, the Support Managers meet with clients weekly or even more often to dig in at the operational level and help users best align their pricing strategies to meet those strategic objectives and goals.

Ultimately, this comprehensive support approach, deep team expertise and collaborative partnership all stem from the customer-first culture at Revionics. While the long tenure of many of our clients affirms our efforts, it’s gratifying to receive further validation from IDC.

To learn more, check out our customer success stories or download the full IDC vendor assessment.

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