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Price, Promotion, Markdown and Space Solutions with
AI that Really Works

Our DNA is rooted in retail and science. Our mission is your success. Retailers around the world rely on Revionics for good reason: they gain leading-edge pricing, promotion and space capabilities, an invested partner, and ongoing ROI for today’s dynamic retail landscape.

Proven at many retailers across the globe, our AI, SaaS-based solutions empower you to make consumer-focused, strategy-aligned, data-driven decisions. Compete with confidence and fuel your business growth.

Predictive. Prescriptive. Profitable Retailing. Expect nothing less.

Get Your Pricing Right

Your prices must be right for your customers and for your business. Simulate, manage and optimize your pricing based on machine learning science that goes well beyond practical business rules. Gain a profitable pricing advantage with improved competitive positioning, channel strategy management, and enterprise, category and item-level detail.

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Make Intelligent, Dynamic Price Changes

Stay ahead of shoppers and deliver to their expectations. Get the timely information you need to take real-time actions to competitive changes at any frequency required for every channel. Automatically manage numerous price changes while ensuring that your pricing is always aligned with your brand, strategy, rules and goals.

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Drive Desired Promotional Response and Results

Break the cycle of ineffective, endless promotions by understanding their real effect. Eliminate losers and simulate and forecast winners that achieve your strategic and financial goals based on predictive analytics instead of historical precedence and gut-feel. Understand consumer buying influences, identify the best offers, improve vendor funding negotiation, and optimize your vehicles.

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Craft Meaningful Markdowns

Create markdowns that maximize profit and sell-through, respond to current conditions and trends, meet financial plans and targets, and keep assortments relevant. With workflows for both long-life category management processes and short-life seasonal or fashion merchandise, you’ll efficiently manage markdowns and clear inventory in line with your strategic goals.

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Respond to Competitive Pricing with Real-Time Insights

Stay ahead of the competition by incorporating actionable competitive insights and market intelligence into your pricing, promotions and assortment strategies. User emulation simulates how shoppers search for products online, ensuring accurate competitive matches and meaningful data across a broad set of categories to exploit competitive opportunities.

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Leverage Analytical Expertise to Boost Your Solution ROI

Set your company up for success and drive a higher return on your Revionics price, promotion or markdown investment with our Advanced Analytics. Pioneering the latest science using the same predictive engine, gain additional knowledge and insights to improve your processes and incorporate directly within your solutions for maximum impact.

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