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Pricing Decisions Made Easy

Data-driven recommendations using our science and your expertise to find the right prices, drive a powerful pricing strategy and deliver the results you want.

Transparent Pricing

See behind the science with visibility into the AI logic for clear pricing recommendations you can learn from and trust.

Confidence in Decisions

Get answers to the ‘what ifs’ with scenario simulations and forecasting, plus measure value generated and impact of pricing actions.

Agile Pricing Organization

Leverage flexible pricing tools with real-time competitive and shopper insights to respond faster to changes and opportunities in the market.

For more information, download our Base Price Intelligence data sheet


Profitable Promotions

Unite your pricing, marketing and category teams to deliver effective, targeted promotions with proven promotional analytics and planning processes.

Promotional Effectiveness

Evaluate current promotions to determine winners, eliminate under-performers and identify new opportunities.

Predictive Planning

Forecast outcomes and tailor your strategy to the most efficient promotions for supporting specific goals and targets.

Maximum Impact

Match the right items with the right vehicles to optimize promotional offers and the utilization of vendor funds.


Premium Tool for Discounting Prices

Drive your most profitable markdown plans with science-backed pricing strategies to maximize sales, margins and sell-through.

Tailored Markdowns

Craft distinct markdown plans for all clearance types optimized for inventory and consumer behavior across all channels.

Automatic Adjustments

Leverage data-science to dynamically update and optimize markdown plans throughout the product lifecycle.

Proven Performance

Deliver quantifiable value and ROI with more visibility and unique metrics to better predict and measure markdown results.

For more information, download our Markdown Intelligence data sheet

Powered by AI

Artificial Intelligence for Real Results

Our solutions are data-driven and science-backed, creating the most effective, efficient and advanced way to optimize prices.

From Data to Decisions

Unlock your data for a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviors and perceptions to drive informed pricing decisions.

Take the Guesswork Out

Objectively analyze millions of possible pricing actions and outcomes to obtain transparent and trustworthy prices and demand predictions.

Built for Change

Dynamically adjust to market and consumer changes to offer the right price at the right time for all channels and locations.

Experience That Delivers

Leverage more robust and advanced AI models built on 15+ years of tuning and real data from global retailers.

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