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Meet the Humans Behind our AI: Paula Estévez Cons

Learn all about Revionics Data Science Analyst Paula Estévez Cons and why she loves working with machine learning and analytics.

Paula Éstevez

What led you to Revionics, and what do you do here?

After working in strategic consulting for 2 years wanted to join a more data-driven company focused on providing value-driven analytical solutions and insights to customers without losing the business perspective. Revionics offered me the perfect blend of technical and business skills and working on the Science Services team doing implementations for new clients brought together all the things I was looking for 

What do you enjoy most about your work?

What I like about my work is the variety of projects that break up routine-type work. Even in Implementation projects, there’s always something new. I also like that it gives me the opportunity to find solutions to new, unexplored problems. Being tasked to identify a problem and then solve it is an immense amount of responsibility, which is a really fun position to be in. You control the narrative and the path you take to get to the end goal. 

Having the opportunity to learn about different businesses and experience the impact of my work by helping clients make informed decisions also gives me a great sense of accomplishment. And the constant learning opportunities and the need to keep up with the trends, tools, etc definitely satisfies my curiosity and makes it dynamic and exciting.  

How did you get started in data science?

My background is originally in finance. I was always interested in learning about different industries, building financial models to analyse strategies, identify future investment opportunities and understand how businesses work and help them grow so I started working in the mergers and acquisitions division of an investment bank even before I graduated.  

Then after a year, I realised my job was not fulfilling so I started to read and learn more about data science and machine learning. Shortly after I joined a data science bootcamp focused on machine learning and got hooked!  

What’s an exciting project you are working on right now?

I am currently working on an Implementation project where we are trying to get the client to move from their traditional score-based pricing methodology for certain products to use our engine for the optimization of these items as well.  

What impact do you see data science has on the retail space?

Given the fierce competition in the retail sectorI think retailers are becoming more aware of the power of data science and the incredible benefits it can have to improve customer experience, increase customer loyalty, enhance brand awareness, strengthen their financial position and ultimately stay ahead of others and gain market share.  

The retail industry is also becoming an increasingly data rich environmentThe challenge for retailers though is to capture and store the right data to be able to leverage the power of advanced analytics.  

What do you do to continue your learning in this space?

learn a lot just going about my daily work. What once worked for one client might not work for the next, so being creative, coming up with new ideas and researching alternative approaches is key to make things work. also read a lot of books and articles to learn about new stuff and get both a theoretical and practical understanding of topics that are unknown to me. I am also subscribed to a few email newsletters to keep up to date with the evolving nature of data science. There are also a lot of resources and online courses covering all data science related topics. 

What advice would you give people who are trying to get into data science now?

I think the best way to kick-start a career in data science is to read and learn about the field, find what you like and what appeals to you the most, start studying it and most importantly, practice itThere are a number of ways to go about learning data science, with books, courses, and degree programs. Getting a deep understanding of the theory and putting in practice what you learn is key. I also think that understanding the end user is a very important part of the job. 

And just for fun, what are you currently bingeing on Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/etc.?

I’m currently watching Peaky Blinders. I think the characters are very well built. You can’t hate them properly because you understand their struggles. I also love the soundtrack and all the plot twists!  

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